Kyberswap Application For The Position OF an Ambassador

Basic Info

I’m Timothy Cletus Also Known as frekecletus

Preferred language is English

Public channels





Discord: Timoan#7539
Telegram: @Timoannn

ExperienceI am Timothy Cletus, a person who enjoys life and spreads love. I am highly dedicated and focused on achieving my goals. One of my greatest strengths in creating a positive work environment is my meticulous attention to detail. This quality has greatly contributed to the success of various projects I have been involved in. I have a deep passion for the crypto and Defi space, possessing extensive knowledge of the blockchain industry. I believe my exceptional team spirit will be advantageous in this field. With over 2 years of experience in the blockchain industry, I have served as an Ambassador for projects such as Oasis Network, Waves, Rubic, and have organized live events for OpenLevrage Global and others. Utilizing my skills as a content creator and graphic designer, I have created informative content and infographics on my social media platforms to educate people and attract potential investors to these projects.


I found great inspiration in the potential of DeFi, appreciating the opportunities it presents and the financial independence it provides to individuals, particularly by liberating them from government control. DeFi plays a significant role in eliminating conventional banking structures, particularly intermediaries, resulting in faster and more seamless transactions. Utilizing decentralized applications like KyberSwap, which aggregates liquidity and facilitates direct token exchanges without the need for third-party involvement, serves as a substitute for the traditional system.