Kyberswap community ambassador program application

My name is Dorian Kane , I am a web3 enthusiast and developer from Albania . Apart from my local dialect (Shqip) I write, hear and speak English language fluently. My preferred language is the English language.

I’m working as a business development for a web 3 company,part time just started.
I have been at Data Alchemyst Boot Camp from Covalent API Data on chain 2022,Completed the Boot Camp training and got the certification for Data on chain analyses .
And i am part of Oasis Protocol as an ambassador,
Im part of Splinterland Game as Content Creator sinc 2018,

I am writing to apply for the KyberSwap Community Champions Ambassador role.

I have been in the blockchain space for more than four (7) years.
Sinc 2015,My crypto journey started in 2015 by mining BTC and Eth with some old PC after that I had a lot of years of experience in trading
In 2018 began to test and learn about Ethereum EVM and I have been part of some hackathons on Gitcoin for the last 3 years I’m learning web3 integration tools.

I’ve also been actively involved in web3 since the advancement of the web from web2 to web3. I’m a front end developer in web2 and a solidity developer in web3. I’ve been actively involved in community services and developments, testnets, project development and management.

I was actively involved as an ambassador with Alchemy University, Skyweaver ,Open leverage, ShapeShift etc.

I have also managed and moderated in communities like D3troit Labs, NFT Amigos, LA Mod and Management.

I am also a defi enthusiast with a great understanding of Defi and trading and I’ve actively taught this in WhatsApp communities too.

I am also a content creator, meme creator, content engager, moderator and community manager. I can create engaging and eye catching contents, videos and infographics.
An i have a youtube Channel Dua Crypto wen i make Crypto web project review.

I love Kyber Swap project and its core values and will be willing and happy to be a part of the teams to actualize her goals.

Hi @xdark21
Thank you for your interest in our program. Kindly check your inbox so we can have chance to discuss further information.