My KyberSwap Ambassador Application

I’m Cryptodiamondq and my most preferred language is English Language.

As a content creator who has in-depth knowledge of blockchain, crypto, and Defi, I’d love to join other KyberSwap Brand Advocates/Thought Leaders in spreading knowledge of the project. Brand awareness is best done through digital contents and giving the public, updates on the activities going on in the ecosystem.

My recently suspended X account has lots of contents and spaces hosted on several blockchain /crypto topics. I’m currently growing my new account I also have a community of other Defi enthusiasts called GEM community where we educate eachother on Defi topic. See link: WhatsApp Group Invite

To add to my portfolio, I created a medium account where I put out some of my contents.See link: Nenyenwa (Cryptodiamondq) – Medium

Last year, I did more of technical and ghostwriting for Tier 1 DeFi protocols ( I can not mention them because of Non-Disclosure agreement). Currently, I’m the head of the content team at Cryptofy Digital. As a detailed content writer, creating a buzz isn’t a hassle owing to the fact that I’m quite popular on X because of the value I give my audience.

My interest grew after I found out that KyberSwap is a decentralized application (dApp) built on the Kyber Network, which is a decentralized liquidity protocol. I discovered six notable facts that sets KyberSwap apart from other DeFi protocols. They are:

  1. KyberSwap aggregates liquidity from various sources, including Kyber Network, Uniswap, Oasis, and more, ensuring users get the best rates for their token swaps. It’s a crosschain Dex and aggregator on fifteen (15) chains.

  2. It offers a wide range of supported tokens, allowing users to trade a diverse selection of cryptocurrencies and tokens. Earnings are maximized.

  3. KyberSwap is a non-custodial platform, meaning users retain control of their funds at all times, enhancing security.

  4. The user interface is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for both beginners and experienced traders to use.

  5. KyberSwap aims to minimize gas fees by offering gas fee rebates and optimizing trade execution on the Ethereum network.

  6. It is integrated with various DeFi projects, enabling users to access other DeFi services and maximize their assets’ utility. Interoperability is the keyword here.