A Content Developer

I’m Moses Samuel by name, a blockchain enthusiast and crypto lover from Nigeria. I have actually been around the blockchain space for a couple of years now.

I’m fluent in English, French and Spanish language

I apply for the role of a Brand Advocate or Thought Leader

Over the years, I’ve been an ambassador for most Blockchain, GameFi and DeFi ecosystem especially Web3. I took the roles of a content creator for media promotion of the project. With my genuine expertise in the field, I’ve been able to initiate strategic business partnerships between Blockchain, GameFi, DeFi, EduFi and Metaverse Projects. This has consequently heightened my knowledge in the crypto world/Blockchain industry.

Also, I’m a good community manager, I have gotten track records from the steemjet community on steemit and Telos Blockchain and other several communities. With these skills, I have been able to participate and contribute to Telos blockchain by onboarding University developers and students through the portal of Telos University Club which I directed the team.

Over the month, I have worked as an ambassador for Ankr Network, Voltage Finance, Injective, Paribus, MatrixAINetwork, AVNRich, Syntropy, Metalaunch, Mammoth, Seascape Network, Comdex, Open ocean, Gamyfi, Telos and lots more… I have really gathered experience that has to do with bringing the above stated previous projects to awareness in my social media platform or local community for other blockchain enthusiasts by creating informative contents. By so doing, enhances growth and development of the specific projects. Basically, I would be described as a content creator. Other areas of expertise includes community engagement, management and developing.
Hence, I’m very confident in contributing massively to this project to grow. Moreover, this is a project with great and unique potential together with an awesome team. So it’s a privilege to work with like minds.

As your Brand Advocate, I am able and ready to amplify KyberSwap by creating awareness for engagement and growth of the project on various social media platform that’s do media promotion (Discord,Telegram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Medium etc).

  • I can create contents (infographics, article, Videos, writing blogs post , stickers/ memes/Gifs) that’s are informative and engaging that will help the project to gain media traction.
  • I’ll build a strong network with bloggers, vloggers, influencers, KOLs and publications.
  • I’ll organize events (AMAs, meet ups) on behalf of KyberSwap.
  • I’ll help to build local discord channels.

The GOOGLE DOC. below is contained with some of my past works :arrow_down:

Here’s my social media profile links :arrow_down:



Telegram handle:- @MakeMeAMirakle

Discord:- Paysenger mosessamuel#9003