Application for Kyber Ambassadorship role

Name: Hanson kubiat

Preferred Language - English

Role - Brand Ambassador/Contents Creator

I am a well experienced content creator with so much interest in blockchain technology. I am passionate about helping crypto/brand brands grow bigger and gain more popularity.
Over the years, I have successfully worked with many projects in the blockchain space as a content creator, Twitter marketer, community manager, and moderator,even till date.

I’ve worked with projects like; Paribus, GAGARIN launchpad, Metafiorg, Paysenger, Cudos, Mufex, MetaTdex, Metastrike, Biconomy Exchange and lots more, creating quality engaging contents and sharing them across every social media platforms to attract more users and also the awareness and publicity of the project.

A few of my Contents and reviews:

Promotional videos::arrow_down:

Twitter articles::arrow_down:

KyberSwap enhances transparency and security which will certainly help to reduce the barriers to entry in the financial system and increase access to financial services for individuals in the Blockchain and the world at large.

I want to contribute positively by Creating quality engaging contents including; videos, threads, blogs, articles, infographics, memes. With in-depth analysis of your products and services and share them with my Communities and Audiences to bring more users to your platform.

Thank You!

Telegram: @hansonkubiat
Twitter: @hansonkubiat