Ambassador Application for KyberSwap

My preferred language is English.

I’d like to apply as a Brand Advocate/Thought Leader.
Link to my social media platforms;

I am an experienced Community Moderator, Crypto influencer, a self-motivated and hardworking individual who is willing to go above and beyond on any project. I learn valuable skills on my own time like graphics designing, creating memes and content creating not forgetting infographics/ Video creation.

I have experience in blockchain of about 2 years. I have worked and still working with other projects like StaFi Protocol, Coinstore, Skaflic, Ethos and Froggies Token to mention a few.

I’m inspired about DeFi/Blockchain because of it core narrative of decentralization and the establishment of building financial freedom for the future.
KyberSwap is also moving in that same narrative as DeFi’s first Dynamic Market Maker that provides frictionless crypto liquidity.