Ambassador Application - Indonesia

Name: Andreas Tobing
Preferred Language: English / Indonesia
Role: Brand Advocate / Thought Leaders

Social Links:
Tiktok: Andreas Tobing (@andreasrtobing) | TikTok
Youtube: Andreas Tobing - YouTube


  • Crypto Content Creator in Tiktok & Youtube for the last 2-3 years with millions of views monthly
  • Indonesia’s Country Ambassador for Nexo in 2022
  • Ambassador for several crypto projects such as Sei Network, Vertex Protocol, etc
  • Guest Speakers in multiple crypto community event

A key opinion leader about crypto in Indonesia through my channel. Have strong engagement to my community especially about cryptocurrency, blockchain, web3, trading, and anything related. Personally I am passionate in this emerging industry, and willing to hustle in every opportunity to grow my experience, network, and knowledge to be a leader in this industry.

I am confident that my social channel and influence will bring value to Kyber Network to help you grow your presence in Indonesia / Southeast Asia.

Andreas Tobing

P.S: I am your Grand Prize winner during my visit to Kyber Network’s booth at Token 2049 event in Singapore :slight_smile:

Apa khabar Pak Andreas! Very cool to see your application. Talk soon.

Hello my brother! Glad to hear from you. Sure, look forward!

Anyway you can also reach me through my Telegram @andreasrtobing

Thank you!

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ah ok feel free to add on TW at imranfaststart and we’ll definitely interact more in the Twitter spaces & community channels.

Hi @Andreas_Tobing I sent you the inbox to follow up the process. Kindly take a moment to review the messages when you have a chance. Thanks :handshake:

Hi @Lea_Kyber, sure I’m excited