KyberDAO Community Delegate App

Ethereum# 0xC341e0fD548298dE89b38fe31F2AC63457105451
Telegram: @TwilightSleeper
Discord: SpartanRojo
Twitter: @MikeRee22792797

So, I will start with my background in the crypto space.
I got into crypto around 2009 at this point it was all about mining BTC; I mined BTC using the OG USB miners while also selling the mining hardware myself.
I would say the biggest issue when I started had to do with a general lack of understanding from people outside of the crypto space; I cant state how many times I have been told it is all a scam, not real, etc…
So unfortunately, I exited the space because I had family and friends who didn’t believe and convinced me as well. (it is an absolute understatement to say that a community of like-minded individuals who all want the same thing: financial freedom is an incredibly special thing to be able to take part in.)
Now fast forward to when Ethereum went live 2015; I was convinced that it would crash and burn not because of my own research but because non supportive individuals had me convinced.
Moving forward; Covid hit and like many others I was stuck at home.
So, I decided to get back into crypto, to take that leap again, that leap of faith where many enter but only the select few who believe in decentralized access stay. Where anyone can have a voice and be heard by like-minded individuals and create friendships with people we may or may not ever see or meet outside of Web3.

First thing I got into were NFT’s I had a lot of wins and a quite a few losses.
My journey led me to a project known as Yakuza Cat Society where I became a mod and a community leader along with several other mods; the server hit over 100,000 members and it was my role to convene with the other moderators in order to express concerns to the projects staff and be the voice of the community as a whole. That project like most other NFT projects died.
But it was an excellent experience being part of fairly large community and being able to voice an opinion and suggest changes that would benefit everyone.
I have participated within many different DeFi projects and it’s at the point where I honestly can’t remember the vast majority.
Many of the Daos I took part in have failed or exited Web3 entirely, so I will try to list a few that are still active. I have participated in HDX, Nyan Heroes, Osmosis, Goobers(Dead), Shapeshift, Stargate, Arbitrum, Optimism, DeFi Kingdoms, Helium etc… the list goes on and on.
I actively participate within the Web3 space on multiple chains, I am active within multiple testnets, I have dedicated my time to embracing Web3 and all that it has to offer. (I have made quite a few friends along the way)

My professional experience outside of Web3 is quite unique although I won’t go into detail as I don’t believe that dictates anyone’s ability to participate, understand and embrace the Web3 world.
In Web3 we are all explorers, and everyone has control of where they venture.

I appreciate Kybers consideration and taking the time to read my application.

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Must have been a rough journey for you buddy.

Nevertheless, we are still among the early birds to join the crypto space. WAGMI Kyber :rocket:

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